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Career Guidanc

What is career guidance?

Career guidance is a learning process where you can get to know yourself and identify your goals in order to choose a profession.
It is based on the premise that each person should develop where he/she performs best, taking into account his/her abilities, aptitudes, interests, values, intelligence, and preparation.

What is career guidance for?

Career guidance helps identifying careers that match your interests, personality, and goals.
In order to know yourself better, you will go through the self-knowledge stage, where you will have to ask yourself questions and do your best to discover your true vocation.
But don't worry - you won't be alone during this process. Through our vocational orientation guide, you will be able to find the ideal career for you.

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How to choose a career?

When choosing a career, we should take into account several factors. Do not choose it only for money or the influence of other people. Remember that you will be the one living this experience. To discover the career you are passionate about, you must analyze:

Your interests

Your skills

Personal goals

Your strengths

Your values

Career options

Universities in your city or country

Distance learning options

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How to know what my vocation is

Take the guidance tests, find out more about yourself and learn all the information you need to know about university careers.
In addition, we accompany you with our tips, exercises, study techniques, and healthy habits.

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Mistakes when choosing a career

Not research

Not researching careers

Evaluate the career offer and then decide. You should take into account aspects such as the duration of the studies, the difficulty of the career, the job opportunities, the program, the cost, internships, etc.

Be influenced

Be influenced by family or friends

Do not let other people influence your decision. Do not choose a career because it is fashionable or because of where your friends are going. You must fulfill your dreams, not the expectations of others.


Choosing a career only for the money you are going to earn

Although considering the money you would earn is important, you should not be guided only by this factor, since you should really like your profession. Otherwise, you will work unhappy all your life.

Not knowing yourself

Not knowing yourself

Try to know your interests, priorities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and values. You can take career tests where you will learn more about yourself and have a better chance of finding a career that fits you perfectly.

Objectives of career guidance

Career guidance is essential when deciding what profession you will develop in the future.
Some of the objectives of the guidance are:

Help you get to know yourself better

Provide you with information about university careers

Provide you with guidance tests

Advise you according to your preferences and personality

Objectives of career guidance

What is vocation?

Vocation is a person"s inclination towards a certain profession or career. It is that inner calling to develop your true potential.
It is very important to follow your vocation since it makes you unique and the reason why you will enjoy making your profession part of your life.

We invite you to begin your process with us and discover your true vocation.

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Start my career guidance process

If you want to start your career guidance process and identify the careers that match your personality and goals, you can take our guidance test.

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