Personality Introverted Sensitive Thoughtful Perceptive

ISTP stands for Introverted, Sensitive, Thoughtful, Perceptive and represents the preferences of the individual in the four dimensions that characterize the personality type, according to the theories of Jung and Briggs Myers personality type.

Personality Introverted Sensitive Thoughtful Perceptive

Characteristics of the ISTP personality

Like their SP colleagues, ISTPs are primarily Productive People (note the capital letter "P"), but being T, their area of ​​interest tends to be mechanical rather than artistic like that of ISFPs, and unlike Most ESPs do not give an impression of constant activity. Rather, they are sleeping, as they save their energy until a project or adventure worth their time comes up, and then they jump into it. The seemingly frenzied state that inevitably happens is actually much more controlled than it sounds, ISTPs always seem to know what they are doing when it comes to physical or mechanical obstacles, but for an outsider, the whole chain of events presents a confused and paradoxical vision.

ISTPs are equally difficult to understand in terms of their need for personal space, which in turn has an impact on their relationships with others. They need to be able to "spread", both physically and psychologically - which usually involves invading the terrain of others in some sense, especially if they decide that someone else's will be their next project. However, it is generally quite comfortable for them to be treated the same way they treat others, at least in this regard. But, because they need a lot of flexibility to be as spontaneous as they think they should be, they often become as inflexible as the stiffer J when someone seems to be threatening their lifestyle (although they usually respond with a classic SP rage that is another more vivid contrast with his objective, impassive and "sleeping" mode). These territorial considerations are usually of fundamental importance in relations with ISTPs; Communication is also often a key issue, as they are generally expressed non-verbally. When in fact they do verbalize, ISTPs are masters of the witty saying as they frequently show flashes of humor in the tensest situations; This can result in them appearing insensitive or in poor taste.

Like most SPs, ISTPs may have problems with rote and abstract learning in the classroom, which does not tend to be a good measure of their true intelligence. They tend, sometimes rightly so, to be highly skeptical of their practical value and often lean toward workshop classes; Part-time vocational/technical programs can be helpful even to ISTP who is going to college. Regarding careers, mechanics and any of the specialized trades are traditional options, and those ISTPs with numerical gifts as well as mechanics tend to do extremely well in most areas of engineering. Working as paramedics or firefighters can satisfy ISTP's need to live on the edge; they are at their best in a crisis, where their natural disregard for rules and authority structures allows them to focus on and deal with the emergency in question in the most effective way.

ISTPs with calmer runs often undertake high-risk hobbies such as running, acrobatic skydiving, and motorcycling. Although they are aware of the dangers at stake, they are so in touch with the physical world that they know they can get away with using much lower safety margins than other types.

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ISTP career options

Due to their natural strengths, ISTPs are often found in occupations that involve direct involvement in the manufacturing, production, or maintenance process, in fields that require a good understanding of the details. ISTPs are successful as technicians, mechanics, electricians, electrical and mechanical maintenance and repair specialists, problem solvers, operators, drivers, programmers, athletes. They are good in rescue operations and in any occupation that is action-oriented and that requires specialized skills and analytical thinking.

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