Career Guidance: tips for choosing your career

Learn all about vocational guidance, what it is and what it is for carrying out a vocational process to find your university career.

Career Guidance: tips for choosing your career

What is career guidance?

Career Guidance is a psychological and pedagogical process whose purpose is to help choose a specific profession. Its purpose is to improve the knowledge of the person about all the possibilities that are available to them and obtain a better result in their decision-making.

It is based on the premise that each person should develop where they have better development, taking into account their abilities, aptitudes, interests, values, intelligence, and preparation.

Tips to know your vocational orientation

- Search and find out about career and college options. Today there is a great variety of careers, different study methodologies, and a wide range of training cycles. This means that you have a better chance of finding a career that is the perfect fit for you.

-Value the offer of careers and then decide. You must take into account aspects such as the duration of the studies, the difficulty of the career, the job opportunity, the study plan, the cost, the internships, etc.

-Don't choose a career just for the money you are going to earn. It is important that you really like the profession, otherwise, you will work unhappy all your life.

-You can find out more about careers by asking teachers, professionals and students about the different professions.

-Collect information about each career that interests you and compare them.

-Don't let other people influence your decision. Also, do not choose a career because it is fashionable or where your friends are going.

-Try to know your interests, priorities, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and values. We recommend that you ask yourself the following questions before making a decision:

  • What is a vocation for me?
  • What do I value more: vocation or employability?
  • What are my strengths as a professional?
  • What are my weak points?
  • How can I integrate my hobbies into my future job?

-Finally, we advise you to take a vocational orientation test, which will help you get to know yourself better and choose a university career.

Vocational Orientation Test

Choosing a professional career is a very important decision and knowing yourself better is a key element in choosing it. Through the vocational tests, you will be able to detect your intellectual preferences, your vocational profile, and the careers associated with it. We recommend that you perform all the tests and value the differences between results. If the ratings are similar, you have it clearer than you think. In case they are different, take it as an opportunity to find out more about yourself. Remember that no test can offer "THE" answers to your questions. They can only serve as a starting point to get an idea of ​​what are your areas of preference when choosing a career.

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