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Career guidance test

Career tests are tools used in the vocational guidance process to help you choose a career. These tests will help you reflect on your tastes and preferences and assessing your interests and skills in different occupational areas.
After taking the tests, you will be able to get a deeper insight of yourself, discover your interests, and the possibilities of adapting them to a specific professional field in accordance with your skills.

What the career test is for

During the career guidance process, you will learn valuable information about personal aspects, you will reflect on your tastes and preferences, and you will learn more about your personality. After taking a series of tests, you will get a deeper insight of yourself in a comprehensive way by identifying your skills, interests, study habits, areas of knowledge, and professional preferences.
We recommend you to take different vocational tests, and after obtaining the results, integrate all the information obtained with other aspects to consider, such as the demand for careers, the offer of universities and institutions, specialties, etc.

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How to take a career test


Answer honestly

Avoid answering having the desired result in mind. You must be honest with your answers so that the result is as accurate as possible.


Take your time

The tests consist of several questions, so we recommend you take your time to think about each answer and finish the test.

quiet place

Choose a quiet place

Choose a space where you feel comfortable and free of distractions so you can concentrate on the questions and answer calmly.


There are no wrong answers

Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. The tests serve as a starting point to get to know yourself better

Tests to find out what to study

There are many types of career guidance tests with different numbers of questions and approaches. Here are the most commonly used tests.

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Free career test

Take the guidance test, discover your interests and aptitudes and find out all the information you need about university careers.
In addition, we provide you with our tips, exercises, techniques, and healthy habits.

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Chaside Test - Aptitudes & interests

The Chaside test is a tool oriented to help you differentiate what would be the best decision based on your interests, skills, and/or preferences.

chaside test

Test to know which careers to study - M.M and M.G. Test

The M.G. and M.M. Test is a method designed to help students identify their vocational and professional interests and clarify the choice of a university career.
After taking the test, you will get a result with the two categories or areas of knowledge that best suit you.

M.M & M.G Test
Test result

Occupational areas

Occupational areas are groups of careers which share the field where the work is carried out or the same scientific or technical principles. These occupational areas group together different types of activities in the world of work.

Occupational areas

The 5 areas are:

Art and Creativity

Social and Humanistic Sciences

Economic, Administrative, and Financial

Science and Technology

Ecological, Biological, and Health Sciences

Holland Test

The Holland Test comes from the "Holland Code," from which the personalities were divided into six groups and defined the professions that go according to each personality.
The test will help you recognize the dominant traits of your personality, your aptitudes, and your affinities and inclinations in the professional field. Thanks to this, you will be able to analyze and get to know who you are in an objective way.

Holland Test

University careers

universities information

University careers

After taking the vocational guidance test, you will be able to access more information about the university and tertiary careers included in each occupational area.
This information will help you compare the different careers and know what you will study in each one, the duration, the job opportunities, and what activities you will carry out as a professional once you have finished your studies.

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