What is a Career Test?

Don't know what to study? Choosing a professional career is a very important decision and getting to know yourself better is a key element in choosing it. To know your vocational profile you can help yourself with the career guidance tests.

What is a Career Test?

What is a Career Test?

Career tests are tools used in the career guidance process to help you choose a career. These tests will help you reflect on your tastes and preferences, and assess your interests and skills in different occupational areas.

After taking the vocational tests you will be able to get to know yourself better, discover your interests, and the possibilities of adapting them to a certain professional field according to your skills.

What is the use of doing a Career Test?

Career guidance tests are a very useful tool, taking different vocational tests will help you to know yourself and will serve as a starting point to choosing your career.

During the career guidance process, you will learn valuable information about personal aspects, you will reflect on your tastes and preferences and you will learn more about your personality. After taking a series of tests you will be able to get to know yourself in an integral way, identifying your skills, interests, study habits, areas of knowledge, and professional preferences, among others.

We recommend you take different career tests and after obtaining the results integrate all the information obtained with other aspects to consider, such as the demand for careers, the offer of universities and institutions, specialties, etc. This analysis will help you better choose your career.

Although the vocational tests are relatively short, you must take them calmly, dedicate time and take it seriously, answering honestly. If you don't take this into account, the results may not be what you expected.

The best Career Guidance Tests

There are many types of career guidance tests, with different amounts of questions and approaches. Below we briefly explain the best free tests.

-CHASIDE TEST: it is a questionnaire with 98 questions focused on identifying your interests and aptitudes for selecting a career. After completing it, you will obtain your vocational profile and the associated vocational occupation areas. If you want to know more about the Chaside Test, we invite you to read our article.

-M.G & M.M TEST: it has 80 questions, which you must answer if you are interested or not interested. According to your answers, you will obtain a result with the two categories or areas of knowledge that best suit you. You can read more about this Test in our article.

-PERSONALITY TEST: this test has 50 statements that you must answer according to a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is in disagreement and 5 is in agreement. This test will help you understand why you act the way you do and how your personality is structured. Although they may not seem like it, knowing your personality is very useful to determine your vocation.

-IQ TEST: this test measures your overall ability to relate to your environment. Some emphasize verbal abilities (Stanford-Binet) while others separate verbal from non-verbal intelligence (Weschler (WAIS and WISC).

We recommend that you carry out several tests and compare the results since these make sense when they are interrelated with other information. If the ratings are similar, you have it clearer than you think. If they are different, take it as an opportunity to find out more about yourself.

Remember that no test can offer "THE" answers to your questions. They can only serve as a starting point to get an idea of ​​what your areas of preference are when choosing a career. Try not to pick a career too hastily.

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