Category: Techniques and tips

Cornell Method - The best technique for taking notes

Discover the best method to take notes and optimize your learning. We tell you the step-by-step and we give you the definitive tem...

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Test to identify the learning style - VAK test

Each person has a learning style as a method of learning. Thanks to the VAK test we can determine our dominant learning style and ...

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What is the importance of study techniques?

The application of study methods is important since they allow certain habits to be corrected and we can also improve or reinforce...

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The 5 best study techniques

Studying is something that we have to face on a daily basis and many times it becomes difficult, but do not be discouraged, take i...

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Pomodoro Technique

Sometimes studying does not seem easy, but it is easier than it seems. Organizing study time and the activities you must do is a g...

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