Extrovert Intuitive Thoughtful Judicious Personality (ENTJ)

ENTJ stands for Extraverted, Intuitive, Thoughtful, Judicious, and represents the preferences of the individual in the four dimensions that characterize the personality type, according to the theories of Jung and Briggs Myers personality type.

Extrovert Intuitive Thoughtful Judicious Personality (ENTJ)

ENTJ Personality Characteristics

ENTJs have a natural tendency to put things in order and lead. This can be expressed with the charm and diplomacy of a world leader or with the lack of sensitivity of a cult leader. The ENTJ does not need to be encouraged to make a plan. An ENTJ put it this way ... "I make these little plans that nobody else really cares about and then I feel compelled to carry them out." Although the word "obligated" does not describe ENTJs as a group, the inclination to creatively plan and make those plans a reality is a common theme for NJ types.

ENTJs are often "bigger than life" when they describe their projects or proposals. This ability can be expressed as art to sell, ease of storytelling, or humorous monologue. Combined with the natural propensity to make obstructive speeches, our hero can make it very difficult for the client to refuse.

ENTJs are decisive. They see what needs to be done and often assign roles to their peers. Not many other guys can match their ability to stand firm in the conflict, sending the brave (and often leading the attack) to the mouth of hell. When questioned, the ENTJ may be argumentative automatically. Another possibility is that it triggers a cold look that serves as a warning: the ENTJ is not someone to play with.

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ENTJ Career Options

ENTJs are often found in occupations that require good planning and analytical skills. ENTJs develop successful careers in those areas that require considerable organizational skills and intellectual effort, in occupations that are challenging and require creativity. They are widely represented in management and technology consulting firms among engineers and developers, and among senior and mid-ranking managers. They can also realize their potential in start-ups, where they often hold management positions or take responsibility for the entire project.

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