Test to identify the learning style - VAK test

Each person has a learning style as a method of learning. Thanks to the VAK test we can determine our dominant learning style and develop our maximum productivity when studying. Find out what is your predominant learning style.

Test to identify the learning style - VAK test

Learning is a dynamic and active process of incorporating knowledge. Each person receives information, processes ,it and expresses it according to his or her style, communicational characteristics and sensory dominance.
When this process does not occur in a natural and simple way, learning is hindered. So that this does not happen and the acquisition of knowledge is as smooth as possible, it is convenient to take into account what our dominant learning style is.

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What are learning styles?

Learning styles are the tendencies or preferences that a person uses as a method to learn. Although strategies may vary according to what we are trying to learn, each person tends to develop a similar learning system. This tendency constitutes our learning style.

VAK test

Through the VAK Test we can get to know ourselves and know which learning style predominates in us at the moment of capturing information and processing it. It also serves to determine what we pay attention to, that is to say, where our selective awareness is directed.
 This NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Learning Styles Test divides learning styles into Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

What are the learning styles?

As we said before, the VAK test sorts learning styles into three:

Visual learning style

visual people

These are people who grasp the world through the sense of sight and learn through images, focusing on the features they can see and imagine.
They are usually fast learners with a high level of energy, who will remember the color of clothing or use pictures in their notes to remember what they read.
It is very common for them to be orderly and to be good at professions that require visual acuity, such as sculptor, designer, architect, etc.

Auditory learning style

hearing people

These are people who capture and process the world through the auditory channel and learn through sounds.
They are usually quiet and calm people, who learn what they hear as sequences almost literally. Therefore, they need silence to study and prefer to listen or have their subjects read to them.
They are good at professions where the use of language is essential, such as writing, psychology, law, teaching, etc. They also have aptitudes for jobs that require auditory acuity, such as musicians, telephone operators, telemarketers, etc.

Kinesthetic learning style

Kinesthetic People

These are people who capture and process the world through the senses, sensations and emotions. They learn through sensory perceptions, touch, taste, smell, vision and hearing.
They tend to be relaxed and easy-going, preferring practical classes or walking while studying. 
They are good at professions that require physical dexterity such as horseback riding, swimming, dancing, physical education, pilates or yoga, etc. They also have an aptitude for trades such as cooking, perfumery, etc.

And what are you: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? Take the VAK test from our app and discover your learning style

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