Personality Extrovert Sensitive Sentimental Perceptive

ESFP stands for Extraverted, Sensitive, Sentimental, Perceptive and represents the preferences of the individual in the four dimensions that characterize the personality type, according to the theories of the type of personality of Jung and Briggs Myers.

Personality Extrovert Sensitive Sentimental Perceptive

Characteristics of the ESFP personality

"Where is the party?" ESFPs love people, excitement, storytelling, and fun. The spontaneous and impulsive nature of this guy is almost always entertaining. And ESFPs love to entertain on stage, at work, or at home. Social gatherings are an energy boost for these people-centered people.

SPs sometimes think and talk in circles. Several of my ESFP friends go from one thought to another in the middle of sentences, talking about one thing or another in a way that is almost inconsistent for the listener, but finally, they will deal with all the aspects, jumping by the impulse from one information to another. It really is quite fascinating.

Something new! ESFPs are drawn to new ideas, new fashions, new gadgets. Perhaps it is the newness of life that draws ESFPs into primary school, especially preschool and kindergarten grades.

ESFPs love to talk about people with people. Some of the most expressive storytellers are ESFP. Her practical and often simple sharpness reflects mischievous benevolence.

Almost all ESFPs love to talk. Some may be identified by the twenty-minute conversation it takes to ask or answer a simple factual question.

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ESFP career options

Any activity that requires good performance or entertainment skills is well suited for ESFPs. Certain marketing roles that benefit from such skills may be a good option. ESFPs are also often found in occupations involving direct communication with clients and audiences where similar skills are useful. They can work in organizations of various sizes and industries. Social work or social counseling is also a favorable area for ESFPs. ESFPs often realize their artistic skills in media and entertainment organizations.

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