Personality Introverted Sensitive Thoughtful Judicious

ISTJ stands for Introverted, Sensitive, Thoughtful, Judicious and represents the preferences of the individual in the four dimensions that characterize the personality type, according to the theories of Jung and Briggs Myers personality type.

Personality Introverted Sensitive Thoughtful Judicious

ENTJ Personality Characteristics

ISTJs are often called inspectors. They have a keen sense of what is right and what is wrong, especially in their area of ​​interest and / or responsibility. They are distinguished by dedication to duty. Punctuality is an ISTJ motto. The secretary, clerk, or businessman for whom others adjust their watches is likely an ISTJ.

As other Introverted Pens do, ISTJs often give the initial impression that they are distant and perhaps a little cold. The effusive expression of emotional warmth is not something ISTJs do without considerable loss of energy.

ISTJs are more comfortable with the saying "just the facts, ma'am." They appear to perform more efficiently when they employ a step-by-step approach. Once a new procedure has proven its worth (ie, has been shown to "work"), the ISTJ can be relied upon to carry it out, even at the expense of their own health.

ISTJs are easily frustrated by the inconsistencies of others, especially when the second parties do not fulfill their commitments. But they usually keep their feelings to themselves unless asked. And when asked, they don't beat around the bush. Truth triumphs over touch. The uncompromising determination of the ISTJ is justified by officiating at sporting events, judicial functions or any other situation that requires it to make difficult decisions and maintain them.

The ISTJ guidance provided by the SJ involves you in the service of established institutions. The house, the social clubs, the government, the schools, the army, the churches - these are the bastions of the SJ. The phrase "We have always done it this way" is often reason enough for many ISTJs. Threats to established traditions or established organizations (eg, "high demand for funds" in the bank) are the downfall of SJs and against which they must fight at any cost.

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ISTJ career options

Due to their natural strengths, ISTJs often find themselves in occupations that involve controlling production processes effectively, detail orientation, clear planning, occupations that require responsibility and being an efficient worker. They are found in a wide range of industries and verticals, in organizations of all sizes. ISTJs succeed as military and police workers, engineers, auditors, lawyers, surgeons. They are found in technology companies among those who deal with the practicalities of technology (for example, implementation specialists). ISTJs are good project managers, mid-range managers, department heads.

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