Holland Test - Choose your profession

The Holland Test is a tool that will help you to find out your interests, your personality traits, and related professions. Take all the vocational guidance tests and define your future.

Holland Test - Choose your profession

When it comes to choosing what we will do in the future, it is normal to feel nervous or insecure, since sometimes it is difficult to know if we are cut out for that job. To help you during this vocational selection process, vocational tests have been created.

The ideal is to have as much information as possible about us and the different university options so that our decision is the best one. If you come from our app and have already taken the Holland test, you can learn in detail the characteristics of your personality and the associated professions. If you have not yet completed the test, we invite you to do so by downloading our application by clicking below.

What is the Holland Test?

The Holland Test comes from the "Holland Code", a personality code created by psychologist John Holland. Based on this code, he divided the personalities into six groups and defined the professions that are according to each personality.

To understand better, it is important to know what personality is. This is a pattern of thought and behavior, that is, a vision of how you act, perceive the environment, and what think. Individually, our personalities are different, but we share many traits within them.

The test will help you to recognize the dominant traits of your personality, your aptitudes, and your affinities and inclinations in the professional field. Thanks to this, you can objectively analyze the person you are and can know yourself.

What is the Holland Test?

The test consists of questions related to your preferences, which you must answer using a scale from 1 to 5. At the end of the questions, you will find the 6 types of personality and the percentages of affinity to each one. After seeing the result, you will be able to compare the careers compatible with the personality that predominates in you (the personality with the highest score).

Personality types

Remember that your personality is made up of a percentage of each personality type to a greater or lesser extent. In the same way, you will see that the professions are repeated in some personalities since each career is identified by 3 personality types. It is impossible for each of us to have 100% of a single personality, just as a profession cannot be identified with only one type of personality.

Realistic: This type includes people who like to work with their own hands, manipulate objects, have mechanical skills and generally do not prefer interaction with others. They also value money, status, and power. Some occupations of this type of personality are engineers, architects, farmers, veterinarians, gastronomists, doctors, among others.

Investigative: Here are grouped people who have analytical skills, manage abstract ideas, and have unconventional values. His main interest is logic and science. They analyze, evaluate and attend to problems, and they really like to learn and understand the different events, along with their causes. Occupations of this type include doctors, psychologists, scientists, and mathematicians, among others.

Artistic: This personality type includes people who have artistic skills, are independent, original, and unstructured. They use art as a way of expression, they are creative and they like independence. They generally have excellent writing skills. Musicians, actors, journalists, writers, graphic and interior designers are located in this type of personality and occupational environment.

Social: People who enjoy helping others, are cooperative, sensitive, and have excellent interpersonal skills fall into this type. This includes doctors, teachers, psychologists, social workers, among others.

Enterprising: People who like risks are located in this type of personality, they are aggressive when reaching the goals that are established. They value power and have the ability to convince others of their point of view. They are extroverted, have leadership and good interpersonal relationships. Bankers, salespeople, engineers, lawyers, administrators, political science graduates are some of the professions that are included in this group.

Conventional: PThey are organized, detailed, methodical people and are characterized by their organizational skills. They are good at math, they enjoy order and work without much interaction with others. Here are secretaries, accountants, clerks, administrators, logistics and management graduates, among others.

By identifying which of these personalities predominates in you, then it will be easier to figure out which careers are for you. Although the test is effective, remember that it is only a way for you to feel more confident about the career you have chosen, and to have more confidence in your own abilities.

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